Songs from the River of Conditional Love

Most of these songs were first performed at the Loudhailer Open Mic nights, organised by Rich and Lou Duffy Howard, supporting local and regional music, musicians, poets and general wordsmiths. I am extremely grateful for their endeavours and support.

  1. Tansad to the Grave
  2. Three-day Millionaires
  3. Boulevard Boys
  4. Gipsyville Girls
  5. Daddy's Got a Girlfriend
  6. Mr Cool's Misdemeanours
  7. Solitude, Youth, Fear
  8. Time's a Waste
  9. Lost
  10. One Bridge (Indiana Jones)
  11. Trouble
  12. Family Skipper
  13. Rat-arsed Again
  14. Half a Peach
  15. All These Break-ups
  16. Leaving Nafferton
  17. Half-ballad for Bobby Pearce
  18. Very Willerby-wannabe
  19. Thinking Aloud
  20. My, Oh My
  21. I'm Watching
  22. You and Me
  23. One More Chance
  24. Balancing Thing
  25. The Ghost of Me

Larkin Songs

Most of these recordings are from a live performances in the Recital Room, Music Department, Larkin Building, University of Hull on 15 October 2004, where I was accompanied by Passion Spent guitarist, Dave Rushby. The only exception is ‘To Failure’ which I recorded on 21 April 2010 at Fairview Studios, Willerby, as part of the all night north CD recording sessions

  1. An April Sunday brings the snow
  2. Compline
  3. Home is so Sad
  4. Mother, summer, I
  5. This Be The Verse
  6. To Failure