All but one of the following Philip Larkin-related articles (listed chronologically) were first published in About Larkin the bi-annual newsletter of The Philip Larkin Society; issue number and date shown.

‘An Arundel Tomb’ – an interpretation (About Larkin 17, April 2004)

Adeline Yen Mah (review of event) – co-authored with John Osborne (About Larkin 22, October 2006)

Serious Earth: Philip Larkin’s American tape – The Watershed Recording (About Larkin 25, April 2008)

A Woman Singing Songs: Susannah McCorkle (About Larkin 27, April 2009)

Reclaiming Ambiguity (About Larkin 28, October 2009)

“All the right notes…”: Philip Larkin set to Music (About Larkin 36, October 2013)

Cultural Transcendence: Philip Larkin and the poet morality police (22 LARKIN CONFERENCE, 8-9 December 2022)