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Besides the tracks you will find here, we now have a number of demo tracks on MySpace. Go to the band's page at, where there are four songs. By clicking the link for either Jim or Dave on the list of band members, another 8 tracks can be accessed. We hope you enjoy them, and we'd appreciate any feedback you'd care to offer.


If you wish, you can stop the Flash video of the band covering Billy Idol's version of 'Mony, Mony' at the Barham, Hull. Just click the pause button. For more Passion Spent videos, see our Youtube Channel.

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  Someone To Talk To

  Someone To Talk To (1987), [Play] written by Jim, was Passion Spent's first and only single release. The song originally appeared on the Pride or Ego cassette issued in 1984; this version was recorded in 1987 at the Slaughterhouse studios in Great Driffield. As with most of our studio recording sessions, the sound engineer was Colin Richardson. When it was released, the track was played once (and only once!) by Simon Bates on his BBC Radio 1 programme. It was also chosen as record of the week by Radio Humberside's Steve Redgrave, and received regular airplay on both Radio Humberside and Viking Radio.


Wildlife (1987), [Play] an Orwin/Rushby composition, was recorded at the same time as the single version of Someone To Talk To and was chosen above the other songs recorded at that time to be the B side of the single. Dave wrote most of the lyrics, and when she read them his mum commented: "I can't see Jim singing the words 'Another piece of meat', David". The image to the left shows the design on the reverse of the sleeve for the single.

True Love's Prize

True Love's Prize (1985), [Play] started out as a couple of well-wrought musical ideas from Ian. Jim produced the lyrics and, although not credited for it until now, Dave helped Ian and Jim to put the pieces together as a song. Part of the original lyric was left out of the finished piece, but that section is safely locked away in the dank Passion Spent vaults. 'True Love's Prize' was the first track on side 1 of the Selected Essays cassette, recorded in Spring 1985 and issued later that year.

The Key

The Key (1985), [Play] an Orwin/Rushby collaboration, as with most of the songs on the Selected Essays cassette was mostly worked on, compositionally, in the Orwins' front room. Once again, Dave wrote the majority of the lyrics, e.g. "But the square peg in my hand doesn't fit the round hole". Make of that what you will!

Lost In Love

Lost In Love (1985), [Play] another Orwin/Rushby song, started life as a kind of tango. The music and words, as I recall, were developed simultaneously and the song seemed to progress organically. Of course, once Gav, Ben and Ian made their contributions at the arrangement stage, things became even more interesting. This song features another of Dave's remarkable guitar solos, which was layered at least six thousand times in this studio version. 'Lost In Love' was track 1 on side 2 of the Selected Essays cassette.

Drifting Apart

Drifting Apart (1985), [Play] an Orwin/Rushby/Sunderland song, started out as Ian's original idea. Once again Jim came up with the lyrics and Dave helped Ian and Jim to bring the component parts together. Those with a keen ear might notice a – shall we say 'unusual' &ndash harmony from Jim on the word 'made' in the line 'I've made up my mind'. There was some discussion in the studio as to whether this was a harmony at all, and not just Jim singing out of key! Diplomatically, Colin Richardson called Russell Webster, the owner of the Slaughterhouse studio, into the session to give his view. Jim got his own way in the end, and the 'harmony' stayed. Was he right? Make your own mind up (but don't tell Jim I mentioned it). Another song from the Selected Essays cassette, this is track 2 on side 2.

Cupid's Tangle

Cupid's Tangle (1987), [Play] recorded during the Someone To Talk To single sessions.

Pride Or Ego

Pride Or Ego (1987), [Play] recorded during the Someone To Talk To single sessions. Written long after the Pride or Ego cassette was recorded.

The Heart Of Love

The Heart Of Love (1987), [Play] recorded during the Someone To Talk To single sessions.