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Passion Spent
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Mark Johnson Mark (Drums) was fifteen years old when he auditioned for the band – back in 1985! He played his first gig with Passion Spent on Friday 12 April of that year and, apart from the two gigs the band played at the end of 2006 (don't ask ! We don't talk about it – the aberration !), he's played every gig since then. Mark, like Ben and Ian, did play with other bands during the time Passion Spent were inactive, but spiritually he's always been part of the Passion Spent family. There is no escape...
Jim Orwin Jim (Vocals) auditioned for the band when it was in the process of being formed by Ian and Dave (with Mick Douthwaite and Brian Wrigglesworth). Dave says Jim was voted in because he was the least psychotic of those auditioning. (Jim has always hidden this very well !) At that point the band didn't have a name, but it was soon to be christened Rio. Of course, even then Jim was an old man (24, as opposed to Dave and Ian as youthful 17-year-olds).
Dave Rushby Dave (Guitar) is the Rock influence in the band. He's experimented with a number of guitars and amps – and a variety of pedals and rack gear – over the years. Sadly, he'll spend hours tweaking knobs, dials and sliders to get the sound he wants; then he'll decide that he could perhaps do a little better – perhaps he'll buy some more equipment – and twiddle a few more controls: the defining characteristics of Rushberland Syndrome – a term yet to be medically acknowledged but remember, you heard it here first!
Steve Sanderson   Steve (Bass) is the longest serving bass player Passion Spent ever had – by a long way! Steve was recommended to the band by Tim Keech – musician and teacher extraordinaire – and was first choice for bass when the band reformed in 2006 to play the MND charity gig. However, due to some inexplicable disturbances in his thought processes at the time, he decided not to be involved. Since making that decision, Steve has existed in a penumbral state of regret and denial. No longer.  
Ian Sunderland Ian (Keyboards) is the other member of the band (along with Dave) afflicted with Rushberland Syndrome. Ian is one of the old-school of keyboard players (as opposed to piano players) who learned to create their own sounds with oscillators, and frequency and amplitude controllers. Another equipment and sound aficionado, the list of equipment he's loved and lost is buried somewhere under the footprints of Indiana Jones, in the Temple of Doom!